"OTP Pension" for business dealing with personnel problems

  • Unique long-term financial incentives for employees;
  • Reduction of the turnover of qualified staff and increasing their loyalty;
  • Creating a positive, socially oriented image of the company;
  • Ensuring decent living conditions to the retired employees of the company;
  • Quick and free introduction;
  • The absence of mandatory contributions and their periodicity;
  • Ability to model and change the principle of contributions according to current HR objectives and financial resources of the enterprise;
  • The possibility of participation of all employees, regardless of age, gender, health status, citizenship and place of residence;
  • Cost optimization and reduction of the tax burden due to tax incentives.

 Tax incentives for businesses:

  • Contributions are considered to be the expenses of the enterprise
  • No UIP – contributions are not considered to be a part of the payroll (TCU, article 141.6.2)
  • No personal income tax and military tax if contributions for the month do not exceed 30% of the employee's salary. (TCU, article 164.2.16)

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"OTP Pension" for an employee – provided retirement

  • Non-state pension is not dependent on government policy and the demographic situation;
  • All the funds in the member's account are in his private property, which can be inherited;
  • Independent determination of retirement age (but not earlier than 10 years before the official pension age); 
  • Self-determination of the duration and periodicity of payments;
  • Possibility of early receipt of funds in case of health problems, disability, departure for permanent residence abroad;
  • Openness of information: online access to your own account on the administrator's website or through a mobile connection, SMS mailings;
  • Monthly reports on investment activities of the fund.

Read more on the rights of the members and conditions of membership - in the section "For private clients".


The corporate pension program of the fund "OTP Pension" is an effective long-term motivational tool that involves the accumulation of companies-contributors of supplementary pension funds in favor of employees. For the enterprise it is a way of additional personnel motivation and for the employees it is source of future income in the form of an non-state pension.

How does it work?

The employer-investor carries out voluntary contributions to individual pension account of the employee participant's non-state pension fund, funds are available in his individual pension account and are increased due to the investment income. Upon reaching retirement age, the member receives additional non-state pension in the form of pension payments from NSPF. During the period of payment the funds continue to work and bring investment income. 

The main objective of non-state pension Fund - saving of the funds of the clients from inflation and effective enhancement through investment activities. Conservative investment strategies and maximum diversification of the funds is a priority for the "OTP Pension" and, at the same time, the key to reliability of the investments. This approach involves the use of a large number of different financial instruments with a predominantly low level of investment risk that meet the criteria of the system of risk management of OTP Group. 

NPF is a nonprofit organization and can not be declared bankrupt, followed by termination of liability to its members. Protection of savings is assured by strict monitoring of the activities of the fund and service companies on the part of the state and special legislation, which involves additional levels and mechanisms of protection: 

  • Requirements regarding the diversification of fund assets and the reliability of the investment instruments;
  • Distribution of functions of management, storage and accounting of funds;
  • Mutual control of the service companies and property liability for violations;
  • The account of the fund's assets separately from the assets of the service company;
  • The possibility of replacing a service company;
  • State control over the activities of the fund, licensing of service companies, qualification requirements for employees of these companies and members of the Fund Council;
  • Mandatory reporting and disclosure, independent audit.

For corporate pension programs at your facility, please call (044) 496 50 21 and (067) 585 17 44.

Documents for the conclusion of a corporate pension contract:

  • Extract from USR;
  • A copy of the Protocol/order on appointment of the Director and Chief accountant, as well as copies of their passports and identification tax codes; 
  • Information on taxation system and banking details (letter in free form with the signature of the Director);
  • The list of employees participating in the program, and the copies of their passports and identification tax codes.

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